O Porto .

It has been quite a challenge to achieve the desired visual aspect of this 40 meters diameters nets hanging over a road on a windy seaside.

Geometry / Structure

Some heavy simulations have been performed to find the right length of each piece of string in order to achieve the right hanging shape and the desired visual effect. A custom meshing tools has been developed and some of the biggest ever built Relax's model have been run.


PHA undertakes all the engineering design of this project: structure design, technical choice and the coordination of the whole engineering part of this installation.





Peter and Janet Echelman, famous New York's artist specialized in net installation, have a successful collaboration for years. PHA undertakes the engineering design in the "Oporto" project which is about to be build in the coming months. They are closely collaborating to present a memorial for the 9 11th in the city of Hoboken, NJ. They have recently been selected in the 4 last teams.