Marine Engineering.


We have been involved in high level sailboat development for many years, combining our engineering understanding with our sailing experience, both inshore and offshore.

In any engineering design, it is important to understand the materials. We have made textiles and both hard and soft composites a subject of special study. This is especially valuable in the design of complex fiber layouts:

Our software suite accurately deals with all the above deck components and leads the design team to an integrated solution.

The dynamic behaviour of the rig is one of the more challenging topics of the coming years on both computing and engineering sides. Our research has lead to some advanced solutions.


America 's Cup since 1982:

•  2003: Oracle BMW Racing

•  1992-2000: Nippon Challenge.

•  1995: 8 of the teams used our software or services

Whitbread RTWR:

•  1989 Satquote (Hull structure)

•  1996: Swedish Match.

Sails for Maxi Catamarans: Playstation. Team Phillips.

Superyachts: Cyclos III, Hyperion (mast), Athena

Mini Transat 1999: Reality




Peter was the lead designer in the multidisciplinary design team for NASA's “Advanced Inflatable Airlock”. This 2 year, $4.5M project was to develop a workable technology for textile-skinned orbital vehicles.

The Team designed and built a full scale prototype which met NASA,s requirements first time.




We provide specialist engineering design services to Architects, Engineers and Artists, with a special emphasis on the conceptual phases.

Our record includes projects with renowned architects, engineers and artists, who have shared with us the opportunity to create some very innovative structures.

The challenge of building engineering is to integrate a broad range of requirements into a design that is at once innovative and practical.


Architects: Jeanne Gang, Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Daniel Andreu, Richard Horden, Walker Group, Future Systems, Frei Otto.

Artists: Susumu Shingu, Thierry Vidé, Janet Echelman, Ridley Scott

Engineers: Buro Happold, Ove Arup Partnership, Peter Rice, RFR, Anthony Hunt Associates, Thornton-Tomasetti.