Filament sails



High level analysis for sail makers

Peter Heppel and Sandy Goodall have formed a partnership, RBS, to provide a broad range of services to sailmakers. RBS delivers the full power of Relax II on an affordable project-by-project basis.

As an RBS client, you can focus on the quality of your sails. RBS brings long experience in accurate computer modelling to support your design goals as well as detailed design services if you want. RBS provides clear reporting with high quality graphics which will excite your customers.




When you need exceptional performance

You tap into our America's Cup experience

When you cannot risk a return under warranty

You can get RBS to check out your design

When the sail plan is unusual

schooner, gaff rig, kite, NASA, we seen them all!

When jumping to new technologies

New materials, new fiber systems get a quick start from RBS

Performing and study on a specific subject give a much better understanding of the phenomena and of the new technologies.



Filament sails

Many different filament sails technologies are coming. Relax II can model any possible filament layout: We are the right people to advise you while doing this new kind of design. Some analysis can save some time, prevent returns on the sail loft, and improve your understanding about the behavior of these new fabrics.



Services and prices


Careful attention to target your exact needs and to define the study.

All Relax II's feature can be include in our services:

•  Accurate prediction of the strain, stresses, loads on the rig...

•  Accurate flying shape predictions

•  Sensitivity study. RBS can creata movies showing how your design responds to changes in trim, wind, or even a design parameter like luffcurve.

All the results are illustrated with high resolution pictures and easy to read plots and our written interpretation:

RBS can provide a pure simulation study, can take charge of the whole design, or anywhere in between.

RBS reports can cost as little as $600. Most clients choose studies costing between $2500 and $5000.